Ceramic House Numbers

Handmade in Spain

Address signs, custom plaques and home decor

OK, maybe I went a little far, but I was so happy when I saw my new door number that I took several dozen photos, putting it here and there around the garden, like this one with the gnomes.

Long Beach, California

I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family. And my neighbor just asked me where I got my beautiful number.

Prague, Czech Republic

It came from literally the other side of the planet, but I received it sound and safe and it is even more beautiful than the photos.

Auckland, New Zealand

I think my cat loves it. Just like I do.

Plata del Mar, Argentina

Zsolt Sesztak

A guy who loves his job

About 'us'

We are a small workshop on the beautiful rock in the middle of the Atlantic, Tenerife. Yes, we are small indeed, since 'we' here means only 'me'.

I create every product you can see on this site. Yes, you found the source, you don't need to look further.

By shopping here you support me in my mission to not only preserve, but to further the amazing and ancient art of ceramics for the future by passing on this craft to the generations coming after us.

Please note that due to current restrictions and our workload we can not serve our clients in person.

You can order our creations via this website.

Registered address:

38684 Tamaimo Carr. Puerto No. 29, Spain